Who we are

Spevent's mission is to support high-level athletes through partnership creations. We partner with organisations and athletes in professional, collegiate and amateur sport to increase direct and indirect financial support. Spevent offers athletes the opportunity to maximize the value of their career through increased financial support.

We define ourselves as sport catalyst who impact athletes during their career.

We value integrity, honesty and collaboration.

Our Hub

We operate in all the Greater Montreal, that said our regional hub is the South-West, from Griffintown to the Pierre-Trudeau Airport. We are the leaders in sport marketing in this region.

While Verdun and Sud-Ouest are hosts to a greater concentration of 25-34 age group, LaSalle and Lachine are hosts to a greater concentration of 50-59 age group (compared to the Montreal average). Depending on who you target, we have answers for you.

Meet the Team

I founded Spevent Agency to keep growing the Canadian sport system. No projects nor ideas are too big for me. While being a student at Brock University, I had a dream of hosting the largest university hockey game ever in Ontario. To this day, thanks to a fantastic group of people, Steel Blade Classic is still the most attended university hockey event in Ontario. To me, this is my piece of legacy to my university. After being part of a record-breaking FIBA tournament, I am now back in Montreal, I seek to build my legacy in Montreal.

I surround myself with people who, like me, get inspired by building a legacy for the next generation.

Karell Emard

Project Manager - Partnerships & Business Development

Karell is a strong leader in professional women's hockey. Her personal experience in the hockey world brought her to be a spokesperson for the campaign “Le Sport Pacifique” fighting against disgraceful behaviour in youth sport. Karell inspires many young hockey players to become, just like her, a professional athlete.

Karell has a strong sport background as she played at the NCAA level with St. Lawrence University while obtaining degrees in Psychology and Modern languages with a Master of Education (MEd) focused in Administration and Leadership.

Organisations We Worked With